Get your data working harder for you with Tracker. Its analysis of your existing database(s) lets you create and deliver more targeted data-driven campaigns and track responses.

Here's an example...

  • John visits your website

  • He enquires about a product or service.

  • Within minutes he receives a personalised email containing all information relevant to his enquiry.

  • A few days later, he receives a beautifully printed, personalised mailing delivered right to his door.

  • You have made a connection with John. He feels invested in your brand. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Features and benefits:

Data capture page

An online portal, which sits within your existing website, the data capture page can be customised to fit with your brand and styled as a contact or order form. Users make initial contact through the portal and Tracker begins to build an individual profile – capturing everything from their address to the products and services that interest them.

Admin dashboard

Analytics collected via the data capture page can be viewed here, allowing marketing teams to create more targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns by segmenting the data set into different groups.

Campaign Services (coming soon)

Consisting of Email Manager and Brand Manager, these services enable marketers to create, schedule, manage and track responsive, branded email or print campaigns in line with audience preference and behaviour.

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